Comox Glacier Mountaineering Skills

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Avalanche Skills Training (AST)1

Cost: $425.00   Ratio 4:1

Mountaineering Courses

Every backcountry skier, hiker, snowmobile and trekker should have this two (2) day Avalanche Skills Training CourseYou will learn how to test the stability of the snow pack to determine weather it is safe to travel in the backcountry.  Using specific equipment including your Transeverse,  Probe pole and Shovel to conduct a search to locate a person caught in a avalanche.  These skills should be apart of every backcountry enthusiast. 

Cost: $275.00       Ratio: 6:1

Dates: TBA

This three (3) day General Mountaineering Course.  Day one has us climbing from Comox Lake to the Glacier base.  The second day has us learning new skills with respects to the new environment and the skills necessary to travel in this area safely.  On day three (3) we access the Glacier and travel while roped, returning to base camp and descending back down to Comox Lake.

Participants will need to provide all their own personal equipment,  a full list of items can be provided by SAG upon registration.  We provide all specific hardware necessary ie: ropes, harness's, axes, , snow pickets, and ice screws.

Dates:  TBA